Upcoming Events

The Arundel Historical Society is organizing and coordinating our second Heritage Day, designed to bring Arundel’s residents together for a day of fun and information. Many of our neighbors will participate again by displaying their collections and information about Arundel’s history and natural history, as well as a wealth of skills, talents, crafts, and products.
We also are in need of volunteers to help set up before the event, act as a field crew during the event, and clean up afterwards. Even if you only have an hour or so to assist, your help would be most welcome!
Please contact us if you are interested in participating in or helping with the event. The event will be held at the North Chapel Common site [intersection of Limerick Road and Rt. 111]. Displays and activities will be available in a variety of categories [as listed below], which will hopefully appeal to all. If you have something to offer, please join us, especially if you are an AHS member.
In addition, we have had a request from some Arundel alumni to provide an opportunity for a reunion of 1964 graduates. If you would be interested in attending, please let us know. We will try to incorporate a “get together” as part of Heritage Day if there is sufficient interest.
Whether you live in Arundel or nearby… whether you are 5, 50, or 90…whether you set up a display, volunteer as a helper, or simply attend…Arundel Heritage Day is a community event you won’t want to miss...just ask someone who attended last year!
Thank you in advance for your participation and support.
*Historical items for display *Natural history [local plants/animals]
*Agriculture/Animal husbandry *Crafts/local products for sale
*Food *Entertainment
*Craft/trade/skill demonstration *Set-up crew
*Games/contests [adults & kids] *Field crew [to assist during the event]
*Information [local groups/businesses] *Clean-up crew [Saturday & Sunday]
*If you are a crafter or have local products for sale, we will provide an 8’ table [$30] or a space [$20 if you bring your own table].
Contact us at: Arundel Historical Society, 3 Talbot Drive, Arundel, ME 04046
If you have questions, please call:
985-3087 (Joanne)
280-3451 (Suzanne)
284-6622 (Donna)