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Town Report Archive

North Kennebunkport/Arundel has been publishing Town Report books since 1916, after we seceded from Kennebunkport.  A former Arundel resident, Frank Landon, has been scanning the Town Reports for the years 1916 through 1960 and has graciously provided the pdf files to the Arundel Historical Society.  We certainly appreciate his contribution to the Society!

Some of you may know Frank and his family.  His parents were Melvin and Ruth Benson Landon and his grandfather was Alton H. Benson.  Ruth Landon taught at Burnham School around 1950.

These old Town Reports are a fascinating look back at the Arundel that many residents still remember or, at least, remember hearing about!  If anyone has access to the missing years, please contact the Society so that we can complete the record.

Click on the year to view/download the report.  Enjoy your trip back in time ...

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