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We need your support

The Historical Society has ambitious plans for both community building and for historical preservation.  We need funding support to make these projects successful.  You can make a designated donation which will be used exclusively for that purpose, OR you can make a general donation.  100% of all donations are used for AHS activities.  Can you help us?  Any amount is appreciated and carefully used for maximum effect.

  1. North Chapel Common (our primary project)

    1. meeting house            

    2.  house renovation    

    3.  road and utilities    

  2. Events (these help raise additional funds)

    1. Heritage Day       

    2. Annual Gala        

    3. Sailors & Sirens  

    4. Communication

      1. website         

      2. newsletter        

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Although cash donations are most flexible, donations of goods and services are also accepted.  Click the upper right button above to "get in touch" for more information.

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